Chun Yuen Quan (Shaolin Kung Fu)

Chun Yuen Quan is a traditional Northern Shaolin Kungfu skill and later passed through the Beijing Opera, where it became assimilated as part of the performers’ martial art routines.


Chun Yuen Quan makes the body agile, strong, and flexible. This skill is also dynamic and stylish. It trains posture (benefiting the bones, skeleton, muscles, and joints), increases the blood circulation, brings up the Qi and Spirit, and fosters a youthful body. The skill is suitable for everyone, all ages. There are two different ways to practice – a slower version emphasizing posture for bones and joints, and the ‘Original Way’, more physically demanding and challenging, with high kicks, jumps and sweeps. This is more for fitness, stamina, and agility. Unlike many martial arts, Chun Yuen Quan can be practiced into old age. This is what determines a superior skill! A martial art should keep you healthy and strong and support your life and not damage you.